CF CRACKS Football Academy is a private entity, born in the city of Valencia, in March 1985 at the hands of Jose Rafael Gimeno and coaches founders Abelardo, Waldo, Jara and Calpe.

With just 60 players, but full of enthusiasm, begins a journey that over the years has made CF CRACKS Football Academy be one of the most important and most prestigious football academies within the scope of Spain Football.

Currently, CF CRACKS operates in five artificial pitches and one natural grass, with about 450 players, aged between 4 and 18, who make up more than twenty teams competing at all levels in youth football, plus a team in amateur category (Primera Regional) with players from 19 years and older, which allows players to remain in CF CRACKS once they have finished their development process.

CF CRACKS has been a leader in each of the steps taken throughout its history, as it was one of the first clubs in Valencia who installed in their facilities artificial grass fields, and signed cooperation agreements with clubs like FC Barcelona and Valencia CF.

Again, CF CRACKS gets ahead of Football Clubs in Spain building a brand new residence to enhance the arrival of international players from all around the world to develop them as football players but also on the academic side.